The Joker

I've had a go at doing the Joker from Batman. This sculpt was heavily influenced by a picture I saw on Deviant Art. I'll try and remember to get a link at some point.

I did it in Super Sculpey beige which is pretty soft but i think I managed to keep it under control mostly. I do seem to make a huge amount of progress on day one but then the details and refinement take forever.

I started with a block of wood and a dowel screwed to it. I think I added some foil and masking tape to the top bit to try and cut down the depth of the clay. It's still pretty top-heavy though.

Day one Day one

Added ears and some hair blobs Added ears and some hair blobs

Hair blended in Finished sculpting but not yet painted - it took an age to blend all the hair in.

Helper I had a helper with the painting

Painted Mounted All done

I enjoyed this one. I kept the detail down mostly and tried to focus on the mass and the shapes.


Clay: Super Sculpey beige
Primer: Plastikote grey
Paints: Plastikote white, Citadel acrylics, Vallejo acrylics