I'll get a post up of some of the first things I made but for now, here's a few pics of Rudi of Mighty Boosh fame. I bought an airbrush after painting this figure so hopefully my new stuff will be painted better. The Joker - a post still to come - was brush painted apart from the base coat.

First bit of clay First bit of clay

Added a face I added a crappy face

Made the guitar Made the guitar, refined the face

A bit of texture Fix the guitar and add a bit of texture

Some paint Some more paint Almost final paint Almost painted.

I realise that I have written this post without a finished picture. Since the last pic above I've tidied up the purple and added eyes. When it's mounted on a base I'll get the final shot added.

I can see so much wrong with the sculpt but it's just a step towards being better. I think I'm making decent progress which hopefully should show in future posts. For now though, I'll leave this here and try and get the thing mounted properly.

Some info:
Clay: Super Sculpey firm
Primer: Plastikote grey primer
Paints: Mostly Citdael acrylics
Armature: Copper wire, foil and masking tape