Making Wolverine

I've switched for a bit to using Chavant NSP plastelline. The medium compound seems to be favoured by the industry but here I've been working with the hard one in order to capture detail and counteract a bit of my ineptitude.

I'm still finalising some parts of the sculpt as I weigh up anatomical correctness against comic book stylings. Over time the muscles have become bigger and bigger. They'd still have to double in size to match some drawings I've seen.

I had a go at doing a likeness of Hugh Jackman, knowing full well that I'd be making him look like he's wearing a mask anyway. That at least gave me the freedom to miss the mark a bit.

The thing about Chavant clay is that to keep the model, you're better off casting it in resin. It'll take me a while to build up confidence with silicone moulding before I have a go at this figure.

I'm the meantime, here are a few pics from the journey so far.

Adding mass Day one was just about establishing a pose and adding the first chunks of clay.

Making a face Refined face

The face had some pretty weird looks along the way.

Current state

I'm finding it difficult to transition from doing muscles to making it look like he is wearing Lycra/Spandex. Some places I know material would bridge but it would lose the muscle definition. For now, I'm adding creases and anything like that which keeps the form but suggests cloth.

Still work in progress

I think this hand needs to twist round a bit still. It fell off so many times that it's been put back on wrong at some point and kept that weird angle.

He's coming on though and I'm eager to get a finished cast. I better buy some silicone then for that.